As an Occupational Therapist of over 25 years’ experience, I believe in a family centred practice.

I work collaboratively with you to personally identify goals for your child. Together we design and implement a suitable programme that meets your needs and gets the goals achieved.


The developmental areas we could work on are:

  • Self-care: advice and assistance with concerns around toileting, dressing, sleeping and eating.
  • Sensory issues: to help your child and the family understand individual responses to everyday occurrences.
  • Behaviour and anxiety issues: to encourage thriving relationships, playful engagement and flexible thinking.
  • Social and play skills: to help with friendships, meaningful relationships and cognitive/brain development.
  • Specific learning difficulties: identifying and addressing gaps in learning and associated executive functioning skills such as attention and organization. Working collaboratively with parents, educators and other allied health professionals to modify tasks and design environments that support your child’s best performance.
  • Fine motor and hand writing: so your child is better able to participate in play and the school curriculum and efficiently express their knowledge.
  • Co-ordination and motor development: for confidence and success in sport and every day activities.

Occupational Therapy Whitsunday can be provided in a variety of settings. I enjoy working with children and their families at the following venues:

  • Rooms in Proserpine Community Centre
  • Rooms in Strathdickie
  • Home visits
  • Bowen visits
  • Therapy and assessment at school/kindy/day-care.

I am an accredited early intervention provider for Helping Children with Autism Package and Better Start. I am also registered for Medicare with Better Access to Mental Health, Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plans and with private health insurance companies. I heavily invest in my ongoing professional development through private study and clinical supervision.

In order to ensure that Occupational Therapy Whitsunday provides the best service for your child I would like to be in contact with others involved in the child’s care for instance teachers, child-care providers, GP’s, specialists and other therapists.

I am looking forward to working with you and your child. You are encouraged to contact me to chat about your child, or a child that you know. I will happily assist in any way that I can.

Tina Hamilton